Rearcross FC Bag Packing Fundraiser - 2014

Thanks to the following volunteers for helping with our Bag Packing
Fundraiser held in the Parkway Shopping Centre from the 30th January
to 1st February 2014. Our thanks also to the Management and Staff at
Dunnes Stores Parkway in addition to Dunnes Stores Customers for
making the event a success

Breda Nolan Joey Nolan
Caroline McLoughlin Karen Deegan
Darren Malone Kathryn O'Connell
Darren Quigley Lisa Lenihan
Davy Ryan Luke Martina McNamara
Denis Kennedy Mary Jo Deegan
Dermot Hammersley Mary Rochford
Diarmuid Sheehy Noreen Kennedy
Eamonn Devitt Noreen O'Toole
Ger Kennedy x 2 Sandra Poyzer
Greg Kennedy Simon Kennedy x 3
Janice Nolan Thomas Kennedy x 2
Jo Kinnane Tommy Ryan Luke