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Lough Derg 'B' 4 - Rearcross 'B' 1

Rearcross B travelled to Killaloe in the hope of securing a few more divisional points, but returned home after a disappointing 4-1 defeat to the hosts. A strong start by Lough Derg had them in the driving seat early on, seizing on two early goals in the 16th and 20th minute, followed on then by a heartbreaking third for Rearcross just before the half time whistle. Rearcross struggled to get a hold on the game and when Kieran Devitt scored on the 64th minute, the fight back was quickly quashed by a fourth goal from Lough Derg in the 78th minute. The forth goal was the “final nail” for Rearcross in what was a frustrating afternoon. A penalty to Lough Derg, which was saved by Jim Caplis helped to keep the score line from advancing. The final score was Lough Derg B, 4-

Rearcross 'B': Rearcross Team: Jim Caplis, Theo English, Liam Nolan, William Mackey, Damien Nolan, Harry Williams, , Pj McLoughlin, Darren Quigley, James Deegan, Joey Nolan, Kieran Devitt, Subs Patrick Coffey(58), Sean Harte(72), Eoin Armshaw (81), Darragh Ryan.

Report compiled by Liam Nolan(C)