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Rearcross U-10's 1 - Ballymackey FC 8

Poor weather conditions forced this fixture to be played on the all weather pitch at Rearcross last Saturday morning. Straight from the start Ballymackey showed a level of skill and pace that was to challenge the home side from start to finish. Two early goals from close range gave the visiting side the edge allowing them to play with confidence. Rearcross found it difficult to hold posession for any sustained period and it was Ballymackey who added another 3 goals before the break. The second half saw Ballymackey add another goal after 3 minutes to further punish the home side. Rearcross finally got to terms with the pace of the game midday through the second half. It was during this period that Cathal Dervan scored the only goal for the home side.
The remaining minutes saw Ballymackey once again tagging on another 2 goals for a comprehensive win for the visitors.

Rearcross U10's:  Liam Crump, Colm Kennedy, Felim Deegan, Joseph Dawson, Brian Hammersley, Tristan Deegan, Cathal Dervan,Aaron Lenihan

Report compiled by Dermot Hammersley