North Tipperary’s Referee’s Society

The North Tipperary Referee’s Society was formed in 1977. The founding members were Glen Campell, Thomas Walsh, Shay Donnelly and Peter Moyles. The society had 10 members for the following few seasons before growing in stature in the early 80’s as the North Tipperary & District League grew in size. Although, it was called the North Tipperary Referee’s Society, the entity was part of the South Tipperary Referee’s Society from a national perspective. The Society became a separate entity in 2005, breaking ties with the South Tipperary group. The North Tipperary Referee’s Society has refereed at the highest level in Junior Soccer over the years and is growing in stature year on year and currently has 20 members.

Written by Liam Kelly – Chairman, North Tipperary Referee’s Society (July 2016)