Shamrock Gun Club is an association where like-minded individuals with an interest in wildlife conservation and game shooting can converge. The club was established in the late 60’s and has been affiliated with the National Association of Regional Games Councils since the establishment of its fund in 1984 registering 43 members. The history of the Gun Club is more than a sporting catalogue or a monument to privilege it is one of a vibrant record of the changing face of a country. Organised shooting played a central role in the lives of both rich and poor. For some it was and still is the theatre in which friendships and alliances are forged. For others it was a source of income with many a fox pelt sold when they were in demand. In the past the rule was if you needed something done for the community you talk to the gun club. Membership also instills in those who participate a love of the countryside and outdoor life. The relationship between the individual and the countryside engenders a real concern for conservation issues and a clean environment. We have a vested interest in conservation and ensuring that the game species which we pursue are cared for and that their populations are not imperilled. There have been many pheasants reared and released. Many pheasant pens built and many a game of 45 was played I’m told while building continued. Many Sundays were donated to Fox drives, and I’m told no matter what the occasion or gathering men always turned up on a Sunday. We currently enjoy 31 members ranging from ages 6 to a time honoured 84.

Hon. Secretary
Stephen Cleary