Rearcross FC Flag

Some references are made to Rearcross Celtic in the early documented records, hence the green and white connection in those years. The Club subsequently donned red & white jerseys during our maiden campaign and in the early years of our tenure in the NT&DL. The next set of jerseys were green & white, which became the official Club colours. Of course, the green & white brigade are part and parcel of the Rearcross community over the years with the south side of our parish encompassing county Limerick which has led to legendary banter over the years when it comes to GAA discussions. No doubt patrons from the Treaty county have contributed in a major way to Rearcross FC both on and off the field over the years, so when the question is asked why we fly a green and white flag beside the Tricolour coupled with the blue & gold on the other side, the easiest answer depending on the County affinity of the person posing the question is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!, a diplomatic answer by any standard.

Written by Ger Kennedy (July 2016)