Thanks to the following Group Members for making the trip a memorable occasion !!
Thanks to Kennedy’s Bar, The Congo Bar, The Cross Bar and The Rising Sun for their sponsorship of Tour Merchandise
Finally, thanks to the Nolan Family London for their help with organising the Tour, thanks for the
sponsorship and lastly our thanks for the hospitality shown to Rearcross FC

Group Members
Micheal Carey
Mikey Carey
Diarmuid Collins
Eamon Devitt
Myles Devitt
Brendan English
Theo English
George Gleeson
Jerry Gleeson
Adrian Hurley
Ger Kennedy
Rody Kennedy
Simon Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
Val Kennedy
John McCormack
Martin McLoughlin
Mick Morris
Sean Mullins
Liam Nolan(B)
James Nolan
Joey Nolan
Paddy Nolan
Pat Nolan
Liam Nolan©
Brendan O’Brien
Davy O’Toole
Declan O’Toole
Derek O’Toole
Brendan Quigley
Paddy Quigley 
Bob Reynolds
Shane Reynolds
Davy Ryan Luke
John Ryan Luke
Matthew Ryan Luke
Tommy Ryan Luke 
Anthony Ryan
Joey Ryan
Lawrence Ryan
Liam Ryan
Martin Ryan
Mike Ryan
PJ Ryan
Diarmuid Sheehy
Sean Sheehy
Eamon Wade
Pat Wixted