NTSL U-8 Futsal Blitz
Rearcross FC Grounds
Saturday 19th November 2011

Rearcross U-8’s made an impressive dubut to the 2011/2012 U-8 Futsal Season at Rearcross FC Grounds with the Ladies contingent showing excellent form in front of goal, all players turned in fine individual performances on the day and we look forward to our next outing.

Lough Derg ‘A’ 2 – 1 Lough Derg ‘B’

Rearcross Rovers 1 – 2 Rearcross Wanderers
[Jane Hurley x 1] [Ellie Kennedy x 2]

Lough Derg ‘A’ 4- 0 Rearcross Rovers

Rearcross Wanderers 1 – 3 Lough Derg ‘B’
[Cathal Dervan x 1]

Lough Derg ‘A’ 4 – 0 Rearcross Rovers

Rearcross Wanderers 1 – 4 Lough Derg ‘B’
[Aileen Rochford x 1]

Rearcross Rovers: Tristan Deegan, Cathal Dervan, Brian Hammersley, Jane Hurley, Joseph Dawson, Amber Deegan, Emily Hurley, Cormac Sheehy (Manager: Brendan Deegan)

Rearcross Wanderers: Gearóid Corrigan, Liam Crump, Felim Deegan, Aaron Lenihan, Aileen Rochford, Ellie Kennedy, Killian Healy, Cathal Malone (Manager: Thomas Kennedy)

Thanks to match Referees and Team Managers for their help and cooperation on the day.